Tenerife Dive Trip

Winter sun, sea, sand and cerveza!!!  Last week 6 members of CSAC went to Tenerife for a week of diving and sightseeing.  There were afternoons in the hot tub, encounters with the local wildlife (named Nikki), a mardi gras fiesta (ok…we missed the parade though), a lovely evening meal cooked by the Kay’s while the neighbour downstairs banged on the ceiling for us to keep the noise down, and a cold trip up the mountain with ice falling off the trees.  And oh yes…the diving as well!!!!  Unfortunately the bigger stuff was a bit shy, but there was still plenty to see – octopus and cuttlefish on nearly every dive, arrow crabs, a large spanish dancer, big schools of barracuda and grunts, trumpet fish, puffer fish and of course the dramatic underwater volcanic landscape.

Fancy joining us next time?  I’m sure we’ll be back again soon – although perhaps when the sea and the evenings are a bit warmer!